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Folding Pocket Beard Comb

Introducing our Folding Pocket Beard Comb, the ultimate tool for keeping your beard looking sharp and well-groomed on-the-go.


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Not all Beard Combs are created equal, so having a tool that’s up for the task is crucial to fighting snags. Traditional combs typically don’t have enough width between the teeth, even on the broader side of the comb, to comfortably get through the thickness of your beard. Plastic and metal combs produce static, which makes taming your beard more difficult—and makes you look like you never learned to stop sticking forks in the electric socket. HairyGents beard combs are designed to deal with the thickest of beards.


  • Introducing our high-quality Folding Pocket Beard Comb – crafted from premium quality wood to provide you with a perfect grooming experience. Our folding comb is the ideal travel companion for any bearded man who wants to be ready for anything, anytime and anywhere.
  • Measuring just the right size and fit, our Folding Pocket Beard Comb is easy to carry around in your pocket, backpack or fanny pack, so you never have to be without the perfect grooming tool. And because it’s made from wood, it’s eco-friendly, durable and looks stylish.
  • Our Folding Pocket Beard Comb features finely crafted teeth that effortlessly glide through your beard, giving you the perfectly groomed look every time you use it. The wood creates a natural static that reduces flyaway hairs and helps tame your beard while adding a touch of shine.
  • Additionally, our Folding Pocket Beard Comb is perfect for spreading beard oils and balms evenly throughout your beard and facial hair


Begin by holding the Beard Comb with the teeth facing up and comb your beard outwards with the wider teeth, starting from the neckline and working out towards the chin. Start an inch or two from the end of the hair and work down to the root. Eventually, work your way further up the jawline and cheeks. For mustaches, brush outward from the middle with the smaller teeth, fanning your mustache out and away from your mouth. Finish with a Boar’s Hair Beard Brush to shape and style your beard. The Large Beard Comb also works great on head hair.


  • Material: Black and Golden Sandalwood
(12 customer reviews)

12 reviews for Folding Pocket Beard Comb

  1. Germain Beaumont

  2. Niam Mullins

    The comb is good, good

  3. Derrick Sclafani

  4. Isadora Heer

    I liked the comb very much. In the reviews it was written that she was Bolshevik, in fact it turned out not so. At least suits us, just right. The quality is good. I recommend it.

  5. Ted Basye

  6. Alpha Um

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